Blueprint Information
Description Exchange 2010 Ports
Architect Michel de Rooij
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Status Information
Industry All
Category Security
Date Submitted April 17, 2011
URL http://www.eightwone.com
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Estimated Configuration Time
Estimated Configuration Cost
    Additional Info
    Notes 1) Default 64327, configurable using Set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -identity “DAG-ID” -ReplicationPort 2) UM IP Gateway port configurable using Set-UMIPGateway -Identity UMIPGateway -Port .. 3) Dynamic, range 1024-65535 4) Default 6005-59530, configure RPC port on CAS using HKLM\\\\SYSTEM\\\\CurrentControlSet\\\\Services\\\\MSExchangeRPC\\\\ParametersSystem\\\\TCP/IP Port (REG_DWORD). Configure address book service using HKLM\\\\SYSTEM\\\\CurrentControlSet\\\\services\\\\MSExchangeAB\\\\Parameters\\\\RpcTcpPort (REG_SZ). 5) Legacy Public Folder access. Configure MAPI port on MBX HKLM\\\\SYSTEM\\\\CurrentControlSet\\\\Services\\\\MSExchangeRPC\\\\ParametersSystem\\\\TCP/IP Port (REG_DWORD). Configure MAPI port for legacy clients setting HKLM\\\\SYSTEM\\\\CurrentControlSet\\\\services\\\\MSExchangeIS\\\\ParametersSystem\\\\TCP/IP port (REG_DWORD). 7) Configurable using Set-UMServer -Identity -SipTcpListeningPort -SipTlsListeningPort

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